Founders 'Rusian Register'


Non-commercial Partnership "international dangerous goods and containers Association " (NP "IDGCA) was established on August 16, 2001.

IDGCAThe first President of IDGCA was selected as the first Deputy Minister of transport CENTURIES Ruksha. IDGCA was founded by a number of organizations interested in setting up a permanent structure, ensuring connectivity between Administrations, international organizations and business. The activities of IDGCA is directed to improve the efficiency and safety of transport of dangerous goods. The IDGCA builds its policy on the knowledge and comprehensive application of international regulations, standards, rules and recommendations allowing businesses to make use of world experience in the range of multimodal transportation of dangerous goods and containers.

In 2004, the Subcommittee of experts of the UNECE transport of dangerous goods accepted the IDGCA consultative status. IDGCA is the one only in Eastern Europe with this status. Since that time, the experts of the Association and its members are present at all meetings of the Subcommittee of experts of the UNECE and participate in the improvement of the international legal framework that greatly enriches the knowledge of the organization in this area.

Representatives of IDGCA participate in the work of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which in turn provides sufficient information space and the possibility of IDGCA provide informational assistance to its partners.

The official organ of the IDGCA is a bilingual magazine "Dangerous goods and containers", that comes from the day of Foundation of the Association and is a regular subject of changes in international legal documents.

In its activity the IDGCA applies modern management standards. Thus, in 2004 the IDGCA registered a system of voluntary complex certification of safety and quality systems within which offers its partners to develop the necessary conditions for the safe and efficient management of their business. Knowledge and experience of IDGCA is constantly supported by practical works on conformity assessment with the requirements of safety of cargoes, containers and vehicles. For these purposes in 2002 established an independent survey company "Russian Register" CJSC with 100% capital Association.

November 22, 2002 Russian Register CJSC obtained a License of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation MT 1006 017799 on the right of realization of survey activity.

In the present survey activity is an activity subject to licensing. Licensing of the activities of survey services discontinued from 1 January 2006 (paragraph 5 of article 18 of the Federal law no. 128 dated 08.08.2001, On licensing of certain activities (as amended by Federal laws of 13.03.2002 N 28-FZ, of 21.03.2002 N 31-FZ, of 09.12.2002 N 164-FZ of 10.01.2003 N 17-FZ, of 27.02.2003 29-FZ, dated 11.03.2003 N 32-FZ dated 26.03.2003 no 36-FZ dated 23.12.2003 N 185-FZ, from 02.11.2004 N 127-FZ, from 21.03.2005 N 20-FZ, dated 02.07.2005 N 80-FZ of 31.12.2005, N 200-FZ, dated 27.07.2006 N 156-FZ)).

Closed joint stock company "Russian Register" - the independent survey company, providing a wide range of survey services in the field of surveyor service on sea, river, railway and motor transport. Specificity of our work - river and sea vessels, containers and dangerous goods.

Competence of "Russian Register" JSC is confirmed by the license for carrying out of survey works, issued by the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, and the availability of specialists with long-term practice of examination of sea and river vessels, containers and goods whose qualifications are based on the knowledge of the international Conventions and regulations. Training and retraining of specialists of the company is conducted on the basis of the international staff training centre ISTC, established by IDGCA in 2003, where specialists are trained on the unique curriculum, which has a license for educational activity in the field of ensuring Maritime security.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation CJSC Russian Register is included in number of established companies in the field of dangerous goods. ( VR-41-R dated 17.03.2004).

"Russian Register" CJSC has its representatives in all regions, the sea ports of the Russian Federation and other countries. The trademark with the name of CJSC "Russian Register" is protected by the testimony of the Russian Federation 322429 from 13.03.2007


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